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Eight highlights of the aluminum solid panels
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 Eight highlights of the aluminum solid panel

1、Light weight, good rigidity, high strength.

2、Good flame resistance to satisfiy the fire prevention requirment .aluminum solid panels are made up of aluminium alloy with high strength and PVDF (or panel) with great fire-retardant ability and can withstand fire inspection.

3、With strong weatherability ,self - cleaning properties, UV resistance,acid resistance and alkali resistance, the Aluminum solid panel can resist the acid rain , outdoor pollution, and  ultraviolet rays effectively.  Aluminum solid panel are composed of a special kind of  molecule , which make it difficult to  stick dust and bear great self - cleaning properties.

4、Mouldable aluminum sheet can be processed into diiferent kinds of sophisticated pattern ,such as flat ,curved or spherical style to display designer’s various ideas clearly.

5、The  tremendous visual enjoyment  and beautiful decoration can be presented by using richer , more nature and colorful Aluminum solid panel.

6、The finish brightness of  Aluminum solid panel is matt  which can not only keep the popular bright style in the world but also solve the problem of light pollution of glass wall. It’s a rare kind of recyclable and environmental-friendly production.


7、Aluminum solid panel is  relatively light-weighted and are mostly made up of AL-Mn and Al-Mg alloy . However, the joints are linked with modern welding technique and the reverse side is made by  reinforce panels .To some extend, it 's a  guarantee of its  flatness, wind resistance and shock resistance,   effectively relieving the burden on our buildings.

8、Easy to use,Simple installation and low cost .




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