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About Reinalite
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1.About Reinalite

Reinalite was established in the Twenty first century, we are the professional manufacturer of new building material. Our mainly products include aluminum solid panels, perforated aluminum panel, aluminum air conditioner covers, aluminum suspended ceiling, etc. Developing till now, we founded two brands: REINALITE and KENAIER. Our production base is located in Dawang, Zhaoqing. After years of unremitting efforts, Reinalite owned a professional team which has many excellent product designers and technicians. We trained a large numbers of intelligent and industrious staffs. Reinalite provides the green building products and intimate service for hundreds of cities in China. Reinalite is a new construction material brand enterprise with the ability to research, design, produce and manufacture.


2. Brand meaning 

Our logo is consist of a blue sky background and lots of modern buildings. It expresses our enterprise mission: Working hard for innovation of Chinese construction material to improve human life quality.


3. Brand orientation


4.History of Brand

2008  The production base of Reinalite was established in Lishui, Nanhai ,Foshan, and established two brands of "Reinalite" and "Kenaier", and made the mission clearly that "the humanistic spirit of the world and Reinalite of the world. With the top equipments ,manufacturing first-class products. " .This year," Reinalite "won the title of well-known Chinese brands..

2009  Take part in the Guangzhou International Building Materials Fair for the first time in July,invest successfully 50 enterprises.

2010  Reinalite won the "GREEN ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION HEAD CHOOSES A PRODUCT" title and Certificate of Design Patent for aluminum air conditioner covers.

2011  Reinalite won the Certificate of Utility Model Patentprize for air conditioner cover.

2012  the introduction of Japanese ITW Ransburg production line and the Swiss Opti Flexzf powder spraying production line, further enriching  the Reinalite s product line.

2013  Reinalite Zhaoqing production base was officially launched.

2014  Reinalite take part in the Twentieth Guangzhou doors and windows curtain exhibition, successfully landing Southern TV "win the world" column.

2015  Reinalite become Hanhai Qingyu Real Estates supplier in aluminum panel, suppling  aluminum panel in a volume of up to 280000 squares.

2015  Reinalite become partner of Poly Real Estate, Sun Hung Kai Properties, Missing Real Estate and other well-known real estate.

2015  Reinalite opened a new export way of aluminum panel . And increase exports volume  year by year, exporting to Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Italy, South Africa, Canada and other dozens of countries and regions.

2015  Reinalite Industrial Co., Ltd.become the well-known enterprises in aluminum solid panel  in a short period of time.

2016  Reinalites production in Zhaoqing Dawang ,just with three years , once again need to  increase the plant and increase the machines,the production plant area has been doubled.

2016  Reinalite series products got through ISO9001 quality management system certification.

2016  Reinalite and Hong Kong DAIICHI group become  strategic partners.


5.Brand Honors

Reinalite is a well-known brand in China. Reinalite aluminum air conditioner cover has won two Patent certificates "Design Patent" and "Utility Model" in China, and is the leader in the domestic building materials industry. Reinalite products is the transformation of the local government designated products, and get a high evaluation. Now, Reinalite has established a leading position in the industry, and has become a strategic partner of Poly Real Estate Group .


Company certifications


 Excellent quality prize

The best brand prize


Enthusiastic committee unit


Full series products

Aluminum solid panels / AC cover / Aluminum ceilings / Perforated aluminum panel 

Product case

Zhengzhou Hanhai Qingyu Real Estate

White Swan Hotel


Dressing Up Project of Guangzhou Asian Games

Design Patents

Guangzhou Four Seasons Hotels


Strange shape ceilings in Pullman Hotel

Reinalite Aluminum solid panel used in Guangzhou Airport

Guangzhou Poly Pazhou Estate


 Perforated aluminum panels used in Foshan Youth Palace

The Westin Pazhou Guangzhou


 Guangzhou Taikoo Hui Shopping Plaza


Puning shopping plaza


     6.Out of the motherland

REINALITE through years of unremitting efforts and struggle, has opened the door to the international market, which is many aluminum veneer manufacturers can not achieve the dream.

Now our products are exported to Egypt, Brazil, Denmark, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Italy and other dozens of countries.

REINALITE products throughout the world dozens of countries and regions


Exterior wall aluminum perforated panel for Mexico hotel


Livepool  Supermarket


Australia  RIA  project

T5 project




Saudi Arabia

Sri Lanka

7.Advantages of REINALITE 

Zhaoqing Dawang production base has a production line of Japanese ITW spraying, a Swiss Gema powder coating  production line and the corresponding import of ancillary equipment, the international leader in the same industry leading production equipment, is the highest degree of automation control of the production line. Through the perfect process and strict control system, so that products with superior peel strength and excellent physical properties, perfect to reach the international level.

According to the aluminum veneer industry's incomplete statistics, the world's best aluminum veneer manufacturers belong to China, China's aluminum veneer industry development is the hottest place in Guangdong, Guangdong has a company that is RENOLIT. Guangdong's aluminum veneer manufacturers about more than 1,000. But can do with an area of 40,000 square feet, but also have the industry's first production equipment, but also sheet metal and spraying are concentrated in one of the manufacturers, but more than 30. From this we can see, our production strength is how worthy of recognition. Our production average of 4 to 60,000 square meters / month, the workshop is two shifts


8.REINALITE Culture 

REINALITE is a "filial piety" enterprise. REINALITE adhere to the "filial piety" is the ruling of the country, and constantly on the filial piety and Thanksgiving were emphasized, respected China's filial piety culture, filial piety enterprises, people and create a harmonious harmony, knot love and progressive. Only to filial piety of the heart of people, to extensive virtue heart of things. Requirements of every employee should be from the most basic principles of life - filial piety to do, filial piety to the parents, the customer is responsible for their own products produced by the responsibility, and actively do "have."

Our culture: Promoting filial piety on enterprise management,extensive virtue can go far.

I promise: I honor their parents, filial piety in the family, filial piety in the enterprise, filial piety in the customer, filial piety to friends, filial colleagues. I am an indomitable man.

Top of the day: lofty dream, lofty purpose, to live out the value of other than me, the extraordinary meaning of life, beyond money, more important than other life pursuit!

Stand up on the earth:down-to-earth, grasp the life of every day, high standards and strict requirements of each process, continuous improvement of their work behavior, and strive to become increasingly sophisticated, everything to the extreme!

REINALITE mission: China's human spirit, the world's REINALITE, for the Chinese building materials innovation and work hard, making the improvement of the quality of human life!

REINALITE mission statement: to provide customers with the most innovative and scientific new building materials; for the city to create the most modern and artistic environment for colleagues to build the most growth and entrepreneurship development platform for the community to cultivate the most contribution and promote the Building materials management leader.

REINALITE desire: the world's most powerful and highly respected building materials enterprises.

REINALITE style: everything to the first goal, we believe that together can do anything!

Business philosophy: the right to the wisdom of thinking, with love dedicated to change the people longing for, let the growth, wealth and happiness!


Integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, kindness, benevolence, love, thanksgiving, virtue

Responsible for the spirit of the initiative to focus on attentively focused attitude

Integrity, Integrity, Selfless Mood, Innovation and Sophisticated Thinking

Win-win and win-win sharing the mind of the top stand-up pattern

Join REINALITE, let us sail together!



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