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Brief introduction of aluminum veneer processing technology

As a large professional production enterprises, Guangdong Reinalite Industrial Co. Ltd. has imported advanced equipment and automatic spraying production line and perfect computer control system, can complete the difficult design, production of irregular products, realize the diversification of aluminum veneer products and unique., with an annual output of aluminum curtain wall more than 800 thousand square meters.

Aluminum veneer production by blanking punching, bending, rolling arc welding grinding assembly multi molding process makes products of various shapes, the company has AMADA full automatic punching machine, can realize the processing of various complex shape easily, to the greatest extent possible to meet the special needs of the building, and made the full the expression of innovative ideas in architectural design.

On the plate, after molding, using German technology and pretreatment liquid for chemical treatment, the formation of dense oxide film, and then the surface fluorocarbon spraying strictly, using a full set of Japan's stop automatic electrostatic spraying equipment, primer, topcoat varnish, all automatic spray gun, spray flow control of EEG and the scope of guarantee the film thickness uniformity, surface appearance, adoption of Italy tunnel design and special equipment, to ensure that the temperature curve of science, accurate, high temperature baking, molecular structure of fluorocarbon resin ultra stable to full play, so that spraying the surface long-term resistance to erosion of the external climate, keep clean, durable.

The production procedures and strict quality control, enables the company to obtain a license for many years the world famous paint manufacturers authorized PPG, with a proven ability to strictly implement the industry standard of PPG, DURANAR and DURACRON achieve the successful use of fluorocarbon paint standard.

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