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 1. The main structure of the outer hood of the air conditioner is made up of a whole sheet of aluminum sheet punched by 2.5mm according to the size of the outdoor air conditioner mainframe, and the outer cover of the outer cover of the aluminum veneer air conditioner is reinforced by the reinforcing rib at the corner. Besides, the reinforcing ribs are used to reinforce the inner part of the aluminum air conditioner cover, the integral structure greatly increases the strength of the aluminum alloy air conditioner cover, and can effectively prolong the service life of the air conditioner outer machine!

2, a large area of the hollow to the air flow, the air conditioning aluminum barrier cover for air conditioner cooling factors to a minimum, while reducing the wind force of aluminum air conditioning cover, enhance the wind resistance performance of aluminum air conditioning cover.

3. It has the characteristics of high strength, easy installation, beautiful appearance, good heat dissipation and strong durability.

4, to overcome the past large area of external wall blinds with strong wind and fall off phenomenon.

5, unique design, is conducive to the aluminum air conditioner cover the air conditioning, anti-theft, waterproof, sunscreen effect.

The mounting hole 6, aluminum veneer conditioning machine protective cover is waist shaped hole, is conducive to the air conditioning cover is installed, and inside the waist shaped hole, the additional use of an integral down through the ribs and fasten with rivets, make the waist type hole thickness reached 5mm, great promise the installation of air conditioning cover quality.

7. It has self-cleaning property and can be cleaned automatically with the rain washing.



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