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Guangdong Reinalite Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Chinese Humanistic Spirit,Worldwide Reinalite !

Customer service

Cooperation process

Project information collection, customer negotiation, quotation, pre-sales

Confirm the production and delivery of commercial deposit through the purchase and sale contract signed sale

Inspection of goods, installation and acceptance, maintenance and supervision after sale

Regular visit

We provide customers one-stop solution services include curtain wall, curtain wall system design, procurement of materials, manufacturing and assembling of curtain wall products, performance testing, in the construction site to install the product, service and customer service.

service idea

Reno Little has long followed the "discovery of customer needs, create customer value, to provide quality service, the customer satisfaction in the first position, is committed to providing efficient and perfect customer service service satisfaction 100%.

Service target

We have always adhere to "customer demand is our goal" for the production and operation of the guiding ideology, attach importance to the improvement of the development of new technology and original technology, with strong technical strength and strong product development capabilities, relying on advanced production and testing equipment, strict management to ensure that every product, every project quality; at the same time, we provide the best service to customer service to ensure customer satisfaction 100%.

Service scope

We have a worldwide sales network, with offices in many countries and the world, the customer can at any time for technical advice to the company by telephone, fax, e-mail, letters and other means, our company will according to the needs of specific through telephone, fax, letter and email and communicate directly with customers. In order to successfully solve the problem of the user.


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