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1: products and services for the realization of the process of planning for the process of products and services can meet the demands of customers and market, Huali identify products, service and the process objectives are as follows:

1) products: quality first, variety, environmental protection, safety, meet the needs of different customers

2) service: provide quality products and value service to customers and related parties immediately

3) process: to ensure the realization of product and service objectives; economic, reasonable and efficient

2: when there is a special demand for services, by the marketing department, sales department and technical units according to the market and customer demand, the pre-sale, sale and customer service service plan, organize relevant departments to implement, and process improvement according to the feedback information, to ensure service process. Identification and evaluation requirements of customers and other interested parties the

1) the establishment of customer visit system, customers at home and abroad to regularly visit tour and exchange information; actively participate in all kinds of import and export commodities fairs, site visits to the local market, understand consumer demand, changes and trends, understand the relevant laws and regulations. To establish smooth communication channels with customers, timely access to relevant information. Timely adjustment of marketing strategy.

2) the establishment of a global network of market information and rapid market information management system and marketing and sales units by questionnaire, online surveys, customer communication, timely access to information on market demand analysis, accurate identification of customer and stakeholder needs.

3) sales network began to use CRM system, computer network analysis module and sales analysis module and other more efficient analysis, identification methods, more quickly and accurately identify the needs of customers and related parties

4) the company held an annual fair and other enterprises to invite domestic and foreign customers to visit the factory, Dongguang investigate the market, customers held seminars, enhance the communication with customers, and obtain information, looking for opportunities for improvement.

5) the company adopts a variety of internal and external communication methods, to the society, shareholders and other relevant parties to obtain and identify requirements

Under the guidance of "customer centered" service concept, 3: service process company puts forward the service promise of "service just in time", and develops a "faster, more fresh, more friendly, more convenient" concept of service

1) the company has established a perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service system

2) take measures to ensure that the service process is controlled and continuously improved

3) establish and maintain good communication with customers through various forms and channels

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