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Hollow aluminum sheet system uses high quality aluminum alloy panel as base material, advanced numerical control bending technology, to ensure that the plate can be smooth and no deformation after processing, in the process of installation of aluminum veneer, the performance of anti external force is superior. The surface coating of fireproof aluminum veneer system is made of Holland LAN fluorocarbon coating equipment and Akesu fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating, which ensures uniform surface color, anti ultraviolet radiation, oxidation resistance and super corrosion resistance.

1, Reinalite hollow plate adopts high quality and high strength aluminum alloy plate. Commonly used aluminum materials are 1100H24 and 3003H24.

2, The maximum expansion size of forming aluminum sheet can reach 4000mm x 1800mm (L x W), the most commonly used expansion size is 4000mm x 1300mm (L x W).

3. The conventional thickness is 1.5mm-4.0mm.

4. Fluorocarbon coating treatment on the surface.

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