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    Since human beings began to pursue the man-made environment relentlessly, in the history of human civilization, architecture itself has a direct reflection or influence on the development of civilization and the formation of social formation. Architecture is one of the greatest wonders and the oldest art ever created by mankind.

The past architecture emphasizes the morphological features of form: technology and materials. Until the new born architect, with intention and artistic theme clear, in these respects, the sub disciplines of architectural history is the history of art, it is focused on the design of buildings and the city's principle and style of historical evolution. With the continuous development of human civilization, pay attention to the development of art and architecture will beautify our living environment.

The paper-cut and building, two seemingly completely not related to art. However, the hollowing out of the building is similar to the art of paper cutting. Both of them need to use the "hollow" artistic imagination in different degrees, and they need superb skills as the basis to complete. More importantly, both craftsmen need to devote a lot of effort and feelings, in order to create outstanding works handed down.

Paper cutting art has a long history in china. According to the research, in the Shang Dynasty (1600~1100 BC) there were hollow carved ornaments with gold foil, leather or silk. In Europe, it has already been carving art in ancient Greece and Rome as a goldsmith hand

The decorations of Arts and crafts, they use only a small carving knife can carve a variety of patterns. Carving art was widely used in Europe in jewelry, watches, and even armor and weapons in Europe in the fifteenth Century and sixteenth Century.

Today we make unremitting efforts to develop research, can be directly used for building exterior aluminum material art art, can carve out the pattern on the board, in order to meet the high quality of your aesthetic pursuit of art appearance.

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